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Live Color Palette of Czech beads Preciosa, 2021 (textile base)

.Catalog - Preciosa Ornela

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Air delivery is included in the price.

Live color palette of Czech bead is designed for:

• designers who develop patterns for embroidery with beads;

• shops, sellers who select beads for blanks for their clients;

• to embroidery masters who independently select beads for their projects.



For picking beads, it is very convenient when the beads are grouped by color. This is the main difference between the Palette and serial Bead Cards.

For example, you are looking for green or blue shades of beads with your eyes across the entire serial map, and here you will see them on one sheet.



photo of one of the sheets of the serial bead card

a fragment from the Bead Palette 2021,

Green ARMADA, 1st sheet

a fragment from the Bead Palette 2021,

Sea Heaven,1st sheet


What can you do with the Bead Palette?

• live to see and touch all the beads, almost the entire Preciosa palette;

• in front of you will be all living samples of beads, with a stretch from light to dark;

• thanks to the competent distribution of beads by colors and structures, the process of selecting beads will be accelerated significantly;

• you will find interchangeable numbers of beads, because you will have them all before your eyes;

• you will be able to replace expensive and rare numbers of beads with cheaper and more affordable ones;

• do not waste time visiting shops to see beads live, as well as search the Internet for photos of beads that do not always correspond to reality;

• do not waste money on extra beads that are not suitable for the project;

• you will see the difference between beads "light" with a round hole and with a square, play of edges.

Ready-made bead keys have already been folded, both by color and by structure:

• Matt

• Glass

• "Fire";

• Ceramics;

• Alabaster;

• Pearls;

• Metallic;

• painted over;

• Etc


The basis is textiles.

It is convenient to apply samples of beads to each other, compare shades of color, fold the required number of samples along the stretch and at the same time there will be no folds or creases left on the fabric, it easily takes on its previous aesthetic appearance.


The base is plastic.

A budget option.

It is more suitable for shops where buyers of beads who have come to make selections for themselves will touch the sheets of the Palette with their hands.


Sheets with beads can be easily taken out of the book, applied to other samples, since they are not hemmed in a common folder with each other, as in production cards, but are embedded in files.

The binder, with rings, makes it possible to embroider a book, to work with each sheet (embroidered with beads) separately. And, if necessary, insert your own sheets of notes into it or sew, for example, the Bead Guide from ARHIBIS.


The characteristics of the series about the resistance of beads to washing, sunlight, wear, etc., will help you to use resistant beads, for example, for a shirt or a handbag.

In the navigator you will quickly find the required number and see where it is located in the Palette, in which series and in which column.

In the schemes for embroidery from the VDV trademark, in most cases, their three-digit bead numbers are indicated, which must be translated into the original Preciosa.

To translate you: waste your time, ask someone how to translate them, or go to the official website of the VDV and search in a search engine.

In the navigator to the Palette, there is a complete translation of the numbers of the VDV and Gamma.



1730 living samples of Preciosa beads are divided into 7 series, with original art names, which replenish the color with brightness and expressiveness.


Live Color Palette of Czech beads Preciosa, 2021

Live Palette name (complete with all Preciosa swatches or by color palette)

The foundation

Textile base, an ideal base for matching beads to paintings, due to the flexibility of the fabric, samples can be easily compared with each other.

Laminated sheets (plastic), beads can be seen clearly, the litas can be applied to each other, but when crumpled they already lose their appearance.

Cost with delivery

The complete Palette of beads, with all colors, contains about 1730 articles of Preciosa beads and is divided into 7 series, which are located on 11 litas A4 format

210 €

250 $

200 €

235 $



Green ARMADA consists of two sheets and contains about 360 of the following shades of Preciosa beads: light green, green, green grass, olive, mustard with a greenish tint, emerald, mint, jade, malachite, etc.

Sea Heaven on two sheets are about 330 shades: turquoise, sea wave, azure, blue, blue, ultramarine, black and blue, sapphire, denim, etc.

Lilac BOOM beads are located on two sheets and contain 225 of the following shades of Czech beads: purple, eggplant, lilac, pink with lilac tint, lilac, plum, amethyst, fuchsia, indigo, etc.

Honey coral consists of two sheets and contains about 360 shades: sand, honey, amber, gold, red, brown, beige, mustard, natural bodily, coral, peach, etc.

Pomegranate Paradise about 175 articles of the following shades: scarlet, pink with a scarlet tint, red, cherry, pomegranate, burgundy, ruby, carrot, etc.

The Wolf Shine contains about 130 live bead samples: monochrome from white to black, including shades of gray. In addition to monochrome, there is a series of Phosphoric (light-accumulative) beads No. 6 and white No. 9

Orange sunset over 160 shades: yellow, lemon, orange, purple-orange, red, carrot, etc.

See video review below


General characteristics of the Bead Palette.



Year of issue



• Ukrainian;

• English.

About 1730 numbers of Preciosa beads sewn in

A large number, almost all Czech beads

Beads are embroidered on 11 sheets, which are divided into 7 series

7 series by color.

The beads in the series are arranged by color, from light to dark, and, if possible, by structure, with the exception of a few shades and phosphoric beads.

Bead encoding: original Preciosa, VDV, Gamma.

The original Preciosa numbers are shown opposite the live specimens.

The navigator shows the transfer to the VDV numbers (for Ukraine).

The basics:

Textile - gabardine, 100% polyester.



Plastic - thick paper 250g / m2 laminated with 100μm film

Gabardine is a fabric with high wear resistance, is able to maintain its appearance, does not wrinkle, and is resistant to mechanical action. Reinforced with non-woven fabric in two layers.

Plastic - sheets are printed on thick paper and laminated with thick film, which gives greater rigidity.

From the seamy side, the sheets are protected from tearing, the seams are hidden.

Completion and packaging


1. Introduction with the tenacity characteristics of beads

2. 11 sheets of A4 format with embroidered beads.

3. Palette Navigator (list of numbers from smallest to largest in order).

On the opposite side of the number it is indicated on which sheet and in which column the bead sample is located.

4. Laminated folder with matt surface, binder - folding rings.

ARHIBIS designer wear-resistant folder


The Preciosa bead palette is a kind of manual, which is made by hand, so it may not always be available, if you are preparing a gift, please take care of making it in advance.

Please note that this Palette is intellectual property and all copyrights are reserved. Any kind of copying (photo, video, re-typing, distribution in social / networks, etc.) is prohibited, in case of copyright infringement, liability is established under criminal, administrative and civil laws.

ATTENTION!!! You can buy the Palette in Ukraine only on our website. For purchased live Preciosa cards, catalogs or palettes of beads not from us or from our representatives, we are not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate information regarding the correspondence of the number with a shade of beads.

Beware of scammers and fakes !!!

Виробник ARHIBIS
Формат А4
Матеріал основи пластик
Мова тексту англійська
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Catalog - Preciosa Ornela (textile base) Live Color Palette of Czech beads Preciosa

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